Zip code 693-0043 Nagahama-cho 680-2 Izumo-city Shimane
Phone: (0853)28-2900 Fax: (0853) 28-2880
Site area:
Approx. 28,000 sq. m
Floor area of the factory:
6,600 sq. m
Automatic warehouse:
1042 mesh pallets are kept under computer control
Computer system for CAD: 8 units
Computer system for CAM: 2 units
3-dementional CAD computer: 4 units
Auto program machine
NC machine tools: 9 units
MC machine tools: 6 units
Polisher: 2 units
Vacuum carburizing heat processing line: 1 line

Main equipment

NC lathe(Okuma LB45)
We use this lathe designed to work on big size material for elaborate cutting smoothly. This machine can automatically handle multiple processes of manufacturing certain types of material in short time.

Machining center(OKK Corporation MCH600 Pallet changer)
We use this big machine, which operates automatically in all processes, to realize high quality.

Vacuum carburizing heat processing line and checking system

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