Super digging ability
IRM125 1000H Cutter head has been improved (CH2380-0)

The original cutter head was taken off and three 14-inch Two-Cone cutters are attached.
A double conical chip R/C is attached on the gauge.

Aims of the improvements
Considering digging rock layers,
1) Durability has been improved by making all the cutters pass the same place more than one time.
2) Efficiency has been improved by putting the center-inner cutter to the

*The cutter was actually use in a granite layer in Pusan, South Korea.

Waving-shape NBB,
New Black Bit, Cutter Head following the theory of three-cone digging

Product drawing

Super digging ability
IRM 250H Cutter head for conglomerate has been improved
<A head for silt and sand layer>
( Bit base is attached )

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