(Job offers in 2009 business year is over)

Our business:
Production and direct selling of earth boring roller cutters and cutter heads

About earth boring roller cutters:
We design and product boring roller cutters (bits) used in sewerage construction and subway construction. There are a lot of types of layers ranging from the rock layer to the soft soil layer. As one of the top three Japanese companies in the industry, we can supply our customers with cutters best fitting to each site. Our cutters can safely and efficiently complete construction at sites whose ground property is not well known until we actually dig the ground there, which in turn brings satisfaction to our customers.

Application requirements:
New college or university graduates from the science department this year

Type of job
Sales: To visit our users and corporate customers and sell best fitting cutters to each of them

Design: To design cutters and cutter heads. In some cases, we cooperate with digging machine manufacturers in designing whole digging systems.

Production: To work at Izumo factory to produce cutters and cutter heads. Almost all work there is automatically done by machine tools.

Working hour:
From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

184,000 yen as the basic wage

Benefit program:
sales benefits (considering job performance), performance bonus (considering branch office performance), position allowance, commuter allowance, dependent allowance, duty allowance
Annual pay raise, biannual employee bonus (based on job performance)
Various social insurances including health insurance, employment insurance, worker's accident insurance
Retirement benefit system and company outing

Five-day workweek system plus paid holidays and congratulation or condolence leave

Send the documents shown below to Osaka Headquarters
Your resume, bona fide diploma and college transcript

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